NOC x Pelerin

fter a few decades of living and developing his art on Népawa Island on Lake Abitibi, Roger Pelerin is still passionate about telling you his new ways of doing things.

Artist-painter, engraver, sculptor, mosaicist, a new technique that invites itself unexpectedly in its practice - it is necessary to have the keen eye and the observation developed to see it, to understand it and to reproduce it; experience and mastery of his art are essential to this emergence of creativity. He constantly pushes the limits, leaves his comfort zone, while maintaining this style, sense of humor and some details that make you smile!

If one observes, one finds much more than a artwork engraved in the body of work of Roger Pelerin. It is an engraving that tells a plot of our immortalized history, an analysis of a civilization and its achievements; a political, historical and social analysis. For Roger Pelerin, history is repeated without learning.

Roger Pelerin is a recognized multidisciplinary artist who has become one of the masters of engraving in Quebec and Canada; these works can be found in large collections such as the Musée des Beaux-Arts du Québec and the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec in Montreal.

NOC Design is proud to present the exhibition Pelerin with an L, a limited edition of digital art print of some thirty pieces of his works.

« Time is my ally. Before he was my enemy.
Because with time, I discover something else.
It's a language that comes from within.
It's a symbol filled with symbols.
If I could say it with words, I would write it!
Since I can not say it in words, I paint it. »

Roger Pelerin, artiste