The leather belt, a safe bet

The NOC belt is a high quality item distinguished by its premium Italian calf leather, unique mechanism and Canadian manufacturing. Made of double leather; the Italian calfskin treated with vegetable tannins is resistant and its ecological footprint is reduced. The loop-free system, exclusive to NOC, is a mechanism that does not alter the leather of the belt due to the absence of friction. This innovation maximizes the life of the belt. Designed and manufactured in Canada, each belt meets the quality standards that characterize the Noc workshop for years.

The belt, an inevitable fashion accessory

Its minimalist design makes it suitable for different outfits (Jeans, business attire, casual look) and, therefore, it is an excellent gift to offer to loved ones or yourself.

The Noc belt is made in three classic colors: tan, brown and black.

Choose my belt

To each pants his belt...

How to choose your belt?

The size of the belt

It is important to note that pants ARE NOT the size of the waistband.

The most accurate way to measure the size of a belt is to take a tape measure and measure an existing belt from the tip of the "needle" of the loop to the hole used. Take the measurement in inches. That way, you make sure you have the right length.


If you get 32 inches, you need a size 32 belt.

The third hole of our belt size 32 is adjusted for this length.


Measure your waist or hip using a measuring tape depending on which position you wear your pants.

It is important to measure the size by inserting the tape into the loops of the pants to take into account the thickness of the pants.

The measurement in inches corresponds directly to the size of the belt. For example, for a waist circumference of 34 inches, for a belt worn at the waist, the size of the belt will be 34.

It is important to note that pants are NOT the size of the waistband. We must take 2 more sizes. For example, for a size 30, we will take a belt 34po

So :

  • pants 28 = 32 belt
  • pants 30 = 34 belt
  • pants 32 = 36 belt
  • pants 34 = 38 belt
  • pants 36 = 40 belt
  • pants 38 = 42 belt
  • pants 40 = 44 belt

NOTE: This method is much less accurate than options 1 and 2.

In the event that you do not have access to the size of the person to whom you wish to offer a Noc belt, we thought of you.

The gift certificate in the form of a template consists of a canvas belt where the different sizes are inscribed. The lucky person who will receive his gift certificate will be able to easily determine his size. She can then place her order in our online store with the certificate number at no additional cost.

Other criteria

We have developed three belt widths to suit different needs.

28 MM: The 28 mm belt is a narrow / thin style. It is worn on all types of pants. Its width gives it a more refined and discreet look.

32 MM: The 32 mm belt is suitable for dressed suits and fitted trousers (Chino style). To be certain, you can measure the width of the loops on the pants to know the compatibility.

38 MM: The 38 mm belt is perfect for use with a pair of jeans. It is wider. However, it should not be used on suits or Chino as it is too large for the pants loops and will deform them with time.

For a harmonious and conservative look, the old convention states that a belt must be the same color as the shoes worn. Compliance with this rule allows you to take no risk. On the other hand, our timeless color hues can be worn with more creativity and take on greater visual importance in outfits.

The buckle-free system, exclusive to NOC, does not affect the leather of the belt compared to buckled belts. This system avoids cutting the leather and the seam by repeated friction of the buckle. This innovation maximizes the durability of the belt and is the exclusive design of Noc. The clip is made of solid brass and is available in silver and antique brass.

This innovation increases comfort by not marking the skin of the belly. In addition, the absence of metals in contact with the skin allows allergic people to wear our belt without worry.