The leather belt, a safe bet

The NOC belt is a high quality item distinguished by its premium Italian calf leather, unique mechanism and Canadian manufacturing. Made of double leather; the Italian calfskin treated with vegetable tannins is resistant and its ecological footprint is reduced. The loop-free system, exclusive to NOC, is a mechanism that does not alter the leather of the belt due to the absence of friction. This innovation maximizes the life of the belt. Designed and manufactured in Canada, each belt meets the quality standards that characterize the Noc workshop for years.

The belt, an inevitable fashion accessory

Its minimalist design makes it suitable for different outfits (Jeans, business attire, casual look) and, therefore, it is an excellent gift to offer to loved ones or yourself.

The Noc belt is made in three classic colors: tan, brown and black.

Choose my belt

To each pants his belt...

How to choose your belt?

The size of the belt

It is important to note that pants ARE NOT the size of the waistband.

Other criteria