The history of our belt

We are passionate. We listen to people and like to observe them moving around different places with what they wear and carry with them. Identify their needs, question, develop a strategy and craft the ideal item, this is our work.

Since the creation of Noc Design, innovation and creativity have been at the heart of every new design. Always ready to reinvent the best way to carry out his projects: our belt is a fine example of our unique know-how.

Italian calfskin
Canadian Manufacturing
Low ecological footprint
(vegetable tannins)

How to wear this belt?

Its minimalist design makes it suitable for different outfits (jeans, dress, business attire). Our belt  is all-purpose and therefore it is an excellent gift to offer others or oneself!

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How to maintain my belt?

The NOC Design leather conditioner is specially designed for the care of our leather belt. Apply a thin layer of conditioner from time to time to clean, nourish and moisturize the leather. With a soft cloth, wipe off the excess.

The Noc belt is the result of several years of product development; draw, fabricate, test and start again until today's result. An optimized belt with a minimalist design and exceptional durability.

Mathieu Gnocchini, creator